Alan G. Hakimi - Executive Partner and Founder


Alan has over 25 years  of management consultant experience  with an extensive background in the software and information technology industry. He is an alum of both Microsoft Corporation and McKinsey & Company.

He routinely consults for Fortune 50 companies in the areas of digital strategy, enterprise architecture, program management, service management, cyber-security, software development, IT operations, and product management.  

His passion is helping clients transform their business by creating strategic opportunities and delivering high value business outcomes through the application of digital technology.  Alan brings a unique framework to problem solving through the disciplines of design, systems, and complexity thinking.  His distinctive approach allows for improved collaboration with cross functional teams.     He helps clients look holistically at building digital ecosystems and platforms by evaluating the human experience, establishing a strategic vision, developing hypotheses, conducting experiments, evaluating outcomes, and scaling capabilities throughout the entire digital transformation process.

Alan has an extensive background in business modeling and simulation in order to help his clients understand problems, opportunities, and technology solutions from a holistic perspective. He has worked on large scale high impact projects in various industries including oil and gas, healthcare, telecommunications, retail, finance, and high-tech manufacturing.   

He has been recognized globally by his peers for his expertise by publishing articles in professional journals, achieving multiple architecture certifications, and speaking at technology industry events. 

Most recently, he has been advising companies on business digitization, merger integration, intelligent systems, machine learning, cyber-security and the Internet of Things. Alan enjoys studying philosophy, complexity, and system theory and applies his experiences into his practice in helping organizations grow their agility and resiliency by leveraging anti-fragile principles.   He also currently serves as President of the Board of Directors for a non-profit in the San Francisco Bay Area.