Our Expertise

Digital Strategy


Our holistic scanning process provides an actionable approach looks at markets, products, business, information, solutions and platforms to discover opportunities and challenges.   We provide decision points in order to develop a realizable strategy focused on high potential business scenarios and provide coaching through the experimentation process in order to realize digital value.  

Enterprise Architecture


We help our clients establish a modern world class enterprise architecture function.    We focus on modern and accessible approaches to digital, IT, or business architecture.    Our balanced approach to architecture is to enable the business with smart governance in order realize benefits.  We feel that a a value driven architecture process and work product facilitates managing costs, minimizing architecture debt, and promoting enterprise integration. 

Cyberphysical Security


Our risk driven approach is designed to help reduce security exposure from  informational and operational systems.   We offer pragmatic solutions that promote safe computing and operation.  We can advise our clients on software best practices, policy definition, securing IT infrastructure, threat analysis, and vulnerability mitigation.   We also examine the ethical, social, health, environmental, and safety implications of digitization, IoT, and AI.

Product and Service Management


We understand that importance of providing excellent world class customer service.  Our goal is to craft products and services which create the right experience for both internal and external consumers.  Our design approach leverages continuous improvement and learning focusing on the human experience and feedback.

Intelligent Systems and Things


We are pioneers in the areas operational and informational technology convergence and socio-cyberphysical systems.   We can help realize value through the application of modern innovative technology without all the hype.   We have worked with some of the world's largest 

companies creating distinguished solution in the areas of Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence. 

Complexity Management


We do not fear complexity, we embrace it.   By understanding the complexity landscape, we feel that we can leverage and exploit it for a competitive advantage.    By using the principles of self-organization, emergence, landscape analysis, modeling, and simulation; we aim to build anti-fragile organizations that thrive at the edge of chaos.  We manage the complexity of change by focusing on human implications of operating environments.